• Normal person: i think you should lose some weight, i'm worried about your health.
  • Fatty: ugh, you're not a doctor, you don't know what's healthy for my body!
  • Doctor: i'm afraid he's correct. your obesity is killing you... also we may have to amputate your foot.
  • Fatty: ugh, you may be a doctor but you don't know what you're talking about, you're just fatphobic!
  • Fatty 2: i run a blog dedicated to exposing common myths and lies spead about obesity. for example, my uncle and auntie are both morbidly obese, yet neither are diabetic or dead, so how can anyone claim that obesity is unhealthy or linked to diabetes?
  • Fatty: you speak a lot of sense, thank you for telling me what i wanted to hear :)



Lilith was created before Adam. Why don’t Men’s Rights Activists complain about that?

because only feminists complain about myths.


consent is consent is consent.


consent is consent is consent.


feminists must see “1 in 3 women will be raped” as some kind of target that has to be met, judging by how they constantly redefine what rape actually is






Feminists, man. I can’t even-

Welcome to Feminism….


It’s a shame this was all blacked out for the most part. Name and shame. Name and shame.

This is hilarious

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I would like to thank feminism for turning the female gender into a fucking joke.

Thank you, feminists, for perpetuating the stereotype that women are hysterical, selfish, and entitled.

Thank you for teaching me that despite the fact that you think men are vile,…

I find it ironic that feminists would call a woman an ‘honorary man’ for any reason, when they conciously defeminise themselves through body hair and clothing choices and try to adopt many hobbies and interests etc. that they deem to be male dominated…

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If you say so..
*lies**lies**lies**kill all men**lies**fedora**lies**lies?




If you say so..

*kill all men*


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Expanding the definition of rape to include drunken sex is ridiculous. Feminists need to decide whether they’re strong and independent womyn or they’re vulnerable weaklings who need the government to protect them from being ‘taken advantage of’ by men and their dangerous penises. Take some personal responsibility instead of playing the victim.

Anonymous said: You might as well go ahead and report yourself as a sex offender now, bro.

Feminist logic: exploiting holes in their logic is the same as exploiting holes on their bodies.. no wonder they think rape is a more widespread issue than it actually is

Anonymous said: Why are you an anti feminist?


There’s the lies, sexism, and hypocrisy:

  • “An individual woman can certainly hate men as a group, so in a literal sense, ‘misandry’ does exist. However, it doesn’t exist in an institutionalised, systematic way like misogyny does. All signs that would indicate men being oppressed in certain areas of life are a consequence of a social order created and maintained by empowered men. The biggest and most empowered perpetrators of ‘misandry’ are other men. ‘Misandry’ is problematic because it gives the impression that it is an equal counterweight to misogyny, which is far from the truth.”

  • - MRA Deconstructed: Misandry

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  • Shut your lying Feminist mouth:

  • http://it-goes-both-ways.tumblr.com/post/56834701354/no-theyre-not-and-wouldnt-it-go-against-your

  • Feminists created the Duluth model for domestic violence that says only men commit domestic abuse and only women suffer it. Thanks to VAWA, if a man calls about an abusive spouse, he is himself arrested.

  • Feminists control all the discourse on domestic violence while men can’t get a single penny for domestic violence shelters for male victims.

  • Feminists are trying to close women’s prisons in the UK.

  • Feminists laugh when men are mutilated.

  • Feminists mock the massive suicide rate of men.

  • Feminists mock male domestic violence victims.

  • Feminists advocated for default mother custody.

  • Feminists brought back debtors prison for fathers who can’t afford childsupport, even if they children who were raped having to pay off their rapist.

  • Feminists insist that women are at higher risk than any other group despite the overwhelming majority of victims of violent crime being men.

  • Feminists treat MGM like a harmless joke and spread false information about thebenefits”. MGM is still legal worldwide now that Germany has undone it’s ban.

  • Feminists endanger women by telling them that they shouldn’t learn to defend themselves because all we need to do is tell men not to rape, ignoring half the victims and perpetrators in the process.

  • Feminists believe that all men are potential rapists. That we should simply tell them rape is bad (it’s not like it’s illegal or anything), that you can somehow be a good person and a rapist simultaneously.

  • Feminists have abolished “innocent until proven guilty” when it comes to men who are falsely accused.

  • Feminists deny that men are raped at all, let alone just as often. If not more.

  • Feminists have erased many female victims due to the “only men rape” paradigm.

  • Feminists say that being called a slut is oppression but being called a rapist is nothing to be upset about even if you get killed by vigilantes or driven to suicide because “lolz male tearz”.

  • Feminists treat us (women) like infantile children who can’t think for ourselves and dismiss our dissent as “internalised misogyny”.

  • Feminists ignoring and even praising women who physically abuse men

  • Feminists label women as weak, stupid imbeciles who can’t even do what is expected of a child. Here I talk about the instance on drunken “rape”. it is absolutely the most deeming argument that i have ever seen and makes me feel ashamed. I mean women actually hold up signs and scream that “they aren’t responsible for what they do or what happens to them while they are drunk.” “they don’t have to protect themselves from psychos trying to rape them…tell psychos not to rape.” Why the hell do you think we tell children not to talk to strangers and to look both ways before crossing the streets. Why don’t we just tell peodophiles not to kidnap children and tell drivers not to run them over. Children are expected more of than women are in feminists eyes. that is so sick and stupid. Also why is it that a woman who is drunk of her rocker and has sex with someone she normally wouldn’t have sex with can state rape and lad his sorry ass in prison, but a man who is drunk off his rocker and does the same thing with a woman, as to suck it up and label it as “a bad night” or something. that’s really freaking stupid. in the eyes of feminists, a woman who is intoxicated and  does something she normally wouldn’t do when sober is the victim…but when a man is intoxicated and does something he normally wouldn’t do it’s still his fault, his actions, a responsibility he has to own up to? what!? how is that freaking fair!? that is not only unjust, but also deeming to women. They are saying while I’m drunk i am not capable of being responsible for me…but while a man is drunk he is capable for being responsible for him (and in some instances me.)

  • That term “rape culture” used by feminists to put all women in a state of fear came from prison. Even more ironically, it was a term used in prison to describe the amount of male rape that occurs there. Wooowwww i know right?

  • although it is proven that women are just as capable and guilty of domestic violence, feminists introduced the duluth model, which, as it is clearly biased and ineffective, paints men as the main perpetrators of domestic violence

  • women’s advocates working to keep ‘non-violent’ women (ONLY WOMEN, NOT PARENTS) out of prison for the sake of their children

  • men are given longer sentences than women for the same crimes  

  • (but u don’t see ‘em fighting about increasing the prison sentence for women to be equal to men’s. nope u just hear ‘em whining about a jerk on the bus saying they weren’t real gamers.)

    • The freaking wage- gap lie:

    The wage gap is a result of  women’s choices

    • Women sacrifice pay for all sorts of reasons including security, safety, flexibility, and fulfillment.

    • Men choose higher-paying fields and occupations.

    • Women more likely to choose careers in lower paying fields such as education and health care

    • Men are more likely than women to pursue areas of specialization with higher levels of stress.

    • Men are also far more likely to choose careers that involve physical labor, overnight and weekend shifts, dangerous conditions, as well as uncomfortable, isolated, outdoor, and undesirable locations.

    • Men work more hours(9%) than women

    • Women spending fewer hours than men at work doing the same jobs, such as taking more sick and vacation time, working less overtime and fewer nights, weekends, and holidays.

    Instead of pursuing a degree in Gender/Women’s studies maybe you should help close the wage gap by pursuing a degree in Computer science, Construction, Petroleum Engineering and other stressful, dirty and dangerous male dominated job.

    • The stupid women are objectified and sexulized bull: women “objectfy” men ex: image

    But what’s really dumb, is that there is no such freaking the as objectification!

    “eople are attracted to one another but it doesn’t mean that they don’t think that person is human. I don’t think women are objectified. Women sexualize themselves and so do men. It sells and its just the truth. We know that we’re biological creatures that have a need to reproduce. When we see someone that we’re attracted to it doesn’t mean that person “isn’t human” it just means it’s in our nature to want to mate. That person is not an object.

    Sexuality is so ridiculously taboo here that if someone says that they find someone attractive it’s objectification. TO ME? It’s fucking natural. I’m not saying go fuck that person, and certainly don’t rape or force that person to be with you. I’m saying that being attracted to someone isn’t objectifying them. Wanting to have sex with someone isn’t objectifying them either.

    You know how parents shame their kids when they find out they’ve masturbated? They tell them that it’s evil and wrong and whatever.

    In America women treat men like that. You find a woman attractive you’re objectifying her. like fuck! He’s not killing her or raping her I don’t see what the problem is. Why tell men that something thats natural is wrong? finding a woman attractive is wrong? “


    • "For every girl who takes a step towards her liberation, there is a boy who finds his way to freedom a bit easier."

    • No. Fuck you, man. Men and women are equal, men are disadvantaged in many places, so are women. But that doesn’t mean “men/women have it easier”. No one does. As a woman, I’m held to stupid beauty standards, I’m insulted because of my profession and I’m told I shouldn’t be strong. As a man, they’re insulted because “all the men are rapists”. But it goes farther than just insulting, they’re looked down upon for being victims, they’re denied rights to custody, and they have no reproductive rights.

    • That sentence is the highlight of the “equality” feminists. They say things like, “Well, we all face problems but women have it harder”. No, you’re wrong. We ALL face problems, men have institutionalised discrimination against them, because of feminism supporting those causes.

    • Feminism makes up things, or forces women into a victim role, needing to be helped and pushed up rather than earning it.

    • Feminism is that sentence and it hurts everyone.

    • Feminism tells me I’m weak and I need handouts because of my gender. Feminism tells me I can’t stand up and empower myself because I need help with every little thing. Feminism tells me men are all sexist and rapists and I should be scared just walking outside. Feminism tells me I can’t be sexist or horrible to men because previously women were oppressed. Feminism tells me that’s equality.

    • Feminism tells men they need to be passive and let women lead, that they shouldn’t have ambition. Feminism tells men that they’re stupid and are sexist and horrible and rapists because they don’t support the movement that supports the removal of their rights. Feminism tells men they need to apologise because of their gender, something they can’t change. Feminism tells men that they didn’t work to get into high positions in society, that they were just handed them. Feminism tells men they can’t be raped, abused or hurt because they’re men. Feminism tells men they’re little more than dildos that help us reproduce. Feminism tells men this is equality.

    • That’s not equality and that is not okay.” "For every boy struggling to not let advertising dictate his desires, there is a girl facing the ad industry’s attacks on her self-esteem"

    • Wrong. Why? These problems apply to both genders. Men are expected to be tall and have a perfect body and uphold male standards, and women are expected to uphold female standards. It’s literally the exact same thing.

    • Both genders have attacks against our desires, men aren’t portrayed as being with larger women, or very unattractive women. That forces a standard that they feel they have to live up to. Women are portrayed as willing to be with a man because of a certain trait and liking someone’s looks is usually frowned upon, unless, of course she fixes the man and he gets smarter, stronger, kinder, whatever.

    • They BOTH face these issues, the exclusionary content of this sentence bugs me. However, this sentence isn’t so bad. I’m nitpicking right now. The next one, I’m not nitpicking.”  -beauty-in-the-simplest-terms

    The freaking “free-bleeding”!!!

    • what is wrong with you feminists and the freaking free-bleeding. Why would you do that!? do you even understand what you are doing? the harm you are putting everyone in your environment in? Blood in one of the most dangerous disease carrying bodily fluids. and you think you can go around to public places like schools, libraries, restaurants, and parks and sit your bleeding asses down on a chair that many unsuspecting people will sit on! wtf! it is the most sickening, dangerous, and unhygienic thing i have ever heard of. it make it even more sick because i’m a girl. ugh it should be illegal. a freaking medical university shut down an entire section of it’s school because a kid had a bloody nose and they know how dangerous blood is, and you go around, spreading your period blood on public surfaces! DISGUSTING!

    The last thing i hate about feminism is their victim complex and their freaking patriarchy. (it’s laughable i tell ya)


    ******But if you don’t wanna read all that, just read this…i think it’s shorter

    • Equal Rights exist, right now: Feminists are the only people who lose their minds with rage when you tell them that women already have the same exact rights as men. That’s not good enough. They want more. They desperately want to be victims. They want a privileged social position.

    • Censorship: Feminism is about censorship. Feminists are the most vocal promoters of censorship of First Amendment Rights, hands down. Just look at how they react to Facebook comments, Twitter speech, and here on Tumblr. They also promote censorship campaigns against opinions in the media, on blogs, and on YouTube. They promote inequality of speech.

    • Helpless Victim Cult: Feminism promotes the idea that women are fragile damsels-in-distress who must be rescued by an external entity (the state/patriarchy) in order to be protected from having their feelings hurt by words that they disagree with. Feminism encourages women to think in terms of weakness.

    • Inequality: Contrary to what it claims with a dictionary definition, Feminism is not about equality in practice. Did you hear that part?…in practice. Based on its overall actions, it is about socially engineering society to give special privileges to women and special punishments to men. That’s not equality. That’s not respecting genders. Once again, I don’t give a crap about your dictionary definition. It’s the actions that turned me against feminism. The actions don’t match the rhetoric.

    • Discriminatory: The very name “feminism” is discriminatory. The “fem” refers specifically to women. It can never refer to men. To say that only through women can equal rights be claimed is like saying that only through black people can people have rights.

    • Patriarchy Fantasy: There is no “Patriarchy” because a real patriarchy would not allow women to vote, divorce, go to college, have a career, live single, get abortions, etc. If this is a patriarchy, then it’s a pathetic patriarchy and attacking it is like attacking a little boy as if he were a man.

    • Gender Roles…only for men: Feminists claim to be against gender roles, but I see feminists doing nothing about men’s gender roles when it comes to working the hardest, most dangerous jobs in society. They seem perfectly okay with men being the majority of the homeless on the street. They don’t want to look at the bottom of society where they will find lots of men (along with women), thus ruining their “patriarchy” fantasy and their claims to victimhood (and stuff for free).

    • Equal Pay is here… but it’s your choice: The “equal pay” claim is bogus and has been debunked. Any “average” differences in pay can be shown to come down to different choices in careers that have different earnings. The easiest way for women to “narrow the pay gap” is to train for engineering, computer science, and science-based career fields (the highest paying careers around). But they would rather complain. In fact, new research shows women are out-earning men in cities.

    • Elitism: Feminists are elitists. They are preoccupied with elite men: CEOs, millionaires, Senators, etc. But the majority of men will never have elite status. So, feminists are out of touch with the daily reality of the vast majority of men.

    • Hypocrites: Feminists preach against slut-shaming only to march in the streets calling themselves sluts. They scream against “objectification” but then objectify men for their abs, looks, money, and status. They claim to be for equal rights, but they only advocate for one gender. They claim to be for “choice” but they are constantly policing other women and telling what is “okay for women to do”.

    • Policing other women: A lot of feminists seem to think they have been appointed the Women Police who can then go around shaming other women for the things that are “not okay”. Makeup, shaving, wearing pink, and more are all “crimes against feminism” and punishable by social attacks. Nearly every online feminist seems to be a petty dictator marching around and telling women what “true feminism” is.

    • Rape Culture-Fantasy: Since Feminism is all about playing the persecuted, weak, helpless victim, feminists have promoted the fantasy that we live a culture that “teaches men to rape”. But nowhere is rape taught as acceptable.Rape is illegal and is seen as a crime by most people in society. Feminists confuse dominance and submission themes as rape. Only rape is rape. Posing in a picture for perfume is not rape.

    • Inflated Rape Statistics: Feminists love to “cite” that “1-in-4 women are raped” during her lifetime. This is a misreading of the statistic. The real statistic is that “1-in-4 women claims sexual assault”, which can mean anything a women wants it to mean when she reports it. It can mean rape, touching, kissing, groping, or even lewd comments. “Sexual assault” can be a very broad category. But feminists only select the most shocking aspect (rape) and then claim that is the definition.

    • Abortion as “empowerment”: This opinion is unpopular, but I don’t agree that I need to have my baby scraped out of my uterus in order to feel empowered. But the abortion industry (i.e. Planned Parenthood) makes a ton of money off this perversion of empowerment. “Abortion as empowerment”  teaches women to see their wombs as nothing but garbage bins full of disposable waste.